Introduction: Mapping & Analysis

Introduction: Mapping & Analysis

From the Data Capture Overview, you can see your survey response rates broken down by how many respodnents have submitted, started, and have yet to start answering your survey. As you begin to receve responses, your status levels will update and your network map will begin to populate.

Once you have some visible relational data, you can click “Analyzer” in the top right Data Capture Navigation menu to enter the Network Analyzer.

Mapping & Analysis Next Steps

There are many different ways to map and analyze your relational data. We recommend starting with an exploratory analysis that helps you understand the makeup and structure of your overall network. From there, you can dig into patterns or subnetworks you identify in your initial mapping and analysis. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Map Your Network’s Connections
  2. Explore Network Demographics
  3. Analyze Your Network Scores
  4. Visualize Trust, Value, & Centrality
  5. Identify Shared Resources

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