How to Map Your Network

How to Map Your Network

Start by displaying a network map with results from your network member selection (NMS) question. This shows who in the community is working together and where there are gaps. Coloring your nodes by sector or focus area provides another layer of detail to understand the collaborative landscape in your community.

Once you have some visible relational data, you can click “Analyzer” in the top right Data Capture Navigation menu to enter the Network Analyzer.

How to Map Your Network

  1. Click “Analyzer” on the top right of the screen.
  2. Open the node filters (network link icon) on the left by clicking the .
  3. Click the dropdown box beneath “Color By”  and select “Sector.”
The map you see visualizes which ecosystem members work together based on the network member selection results. The color of each node shows their sector, with the legend on the right showing you which colors represent which sectors. You can click a sector or color to filter out those nodes, another way to explore your network and its subgroups by sector or other member attributes.

Next, we'll show you how to assess the level of relationship intensity across your partnerships.

Next Article: How to Assess Relationship Intensity

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