Webinar: Using Social Network Analysis to Build Better Strategies

Webinar: Using Social Network Analysis to Build Better Strategies

Network mapping and social network analysis is a powerful method for visualizing the quality and quantity of connections in a network of partners. It allows you to see who works with who, what resources are exchanged, how partners trust and value one another, and much more. With this kind of visibility, you can begin identifying opportunities for improvement and create a data-driven strategy to make a change for the better.

On August 26th, 2021, Visible Network Labs and the CU Denver Center on Network Science talked with a group of network leaders and researchers who have used network mapping and analysis to understand and improve their collaborative strategies. Moderated by Dr. Danielle Varda, they shared how they approached this process, what they learned along the way, and tips and advice for others considering a network mapping and analysis project to build better strategies.

Watch the Webinar:
Watch the full webinar on social network analysis for strategy-building below or by clicking here: https://visiblenetworklabs.com/2021/08/30/using-social-network-analysis-to-build-collaborative-strategies/

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