View Network Scores

View Network Scores

The network score module displays a overview of your capture metrics and network scores like centrality, density, in-degree and out-degree connections, trust, and value. It is a valuable resource for making sense of your ecosystem members and data. Before you visit, you need to capture relational data from your ecosystem.

How to View Your Network Scores

Once you have captured some relational data, open your capture with data and click "Analyzer" in the capture menu on the right side of the screen.

1. Click "Network Scores" to open the module.

2. Organizations are listed with their name in the first column on the left.

3. Metrics are listed along the top row, including survey completion rates, degree centrality scores, trust and value scores.

4. Click the small arrow next to each metric name to sort the list and identify the organization with the highest or lowest score.

5. Click "Network Scores" to view your average score for the entire network.

6. Click "Export Scores" to export a spreadsheet with your network scores and data.

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