Troubleshooting Errors While Uploading Your Member List

Troubleshooting Errors While Uploading Your Member List

Uploading members to your ecosystem and get an error message? Don't panic! The members and attribute data in your member list must be formatted according to our template specifications or you may generate an error message when you try to upload it to your member library. Most often, this can be quickly fixed by considering the issues below and does not require our intervention.

Take a look at these five common causes of error messages while uploading a member list to your ecosystem:

1. Are you using our member list template?

Instead of trying to build a spreadsheet from scratch, we recommend using the spreadsheet template generated automatically for your ecosystem. Go to the member library, click "Add" and select "Add Multiple Members" to see the option for downloading the template spreadsheet. Fill in your members and attributes and then re-upload it and you shouldn't have any issues.

2. Did you already add your custom attributes?

If you are using custom attributes, they must be created in your ecosystem attribute library before you include them in a member list you upload. Return to the attribute library, create each custom attribute, and then re-download a member list template from the member library, which will include additional columns and headers for your custom attributes.

3. Are all default attributes included in your list?

There are approximately a dozen default attributes built into PARTNER CPRM. Even if you do not choose to upload data for them, you must keep their columns and headers in the spreadsheet (you can just leave the data blank and leave the header alone). If you have removed them already, re-download a template list from the member library and copy and paste your info and attributes over to it.

4. Do the headers and columns match up correctly?

If you are moving around data and columns, it is easy to accidentally re-position a header or column unintentionally. Take a look at all your headers and columns to ensure they match up correctly or it may produce an error.

5. Are any members on the list multiple times?

You should only include a main member name one time in your ecosystem. If there are duplicate member names on the list, the platform will give you an error. When it is essential to track connections with multiple members of one organization, we recommend including a department, division, or sub-team name to differentiate between them.

If you have reviewed these five issues and you are still unable to upload your member list, contact our team for more assistance by emailing or submitting a ticket here on the Help Center.
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