PARTNER CPRM Explanation and Benefits

PARTNER CPRM Explanation and Benefits

What is the PARTNER CPRM?

Strengthen your network with a data-driven learning system

PARTNER CPRM is a social network analysis data tracking and learning tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration among people/organizations. As a scientifically validated way to design data-driven network strategies, PARTNER helps you collect, map, and analyze your data so you can identify more efficient ways to collaborate and reach shared goals.


  • Online modifiable surveys, with a default survey to get you started, surveys for different topic areas, or create your own from scratch.
  • An online email system to collect data, with a built-in reminder system.
  • A clean data set that feeds into a dashboard of visualizations and other analytics, with easy export as an excel file to import into any other visualization or statistical tool without any data cleaning.
  • Easy access to reports that save you hours of time and provide insight and sense-making of the data and maps.

How PARTNER CPRM Can Help You?

Members of your network and other stakeholders in the community may use your PARTNER data to continuously improve how they work with one another to achieve  common goals. Using PARTNER data, you can:

  • Assess the quality, quantity, and outcomes of partnerships;
  • Visualize your network to show your connections, identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in the network, and how to allocate or shift resources to strengthen the network;
  • Track growth and measure progress in community partnerships;
  • Create a strategic plan to invest in relationships that leverage resources, reduce redundancy, and capitalize on collaborative advantage among network members.
  • Share results with network members, funders, and other stakeholders.

Benefits of Using PARTNER

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