Link Users with Members

Link Users with Members

This article shares how to link a user in your account with an ecosystem member in PARTNER CPRM. 

If the ecosystem member does not have a user account, have them create one first by visiting and add them to your ecosystem. If you are out of user slots, you may need to purchase one by contacting our team.
NOTE: Linking account users with ecosystem members allows you to update your responses more easily if your organization or division participates in data captures. Additional features utilizing user-member links are coming soon.
1. Login to your account and open your ecosystem.

2. Click "Account" at the bottom-left side of the page to open your account settings.

3. Scroll down to your list of users and find the one you want to link to a member of the ecosystem.

4. Hover to the right of their name and click the 'link' icon that appears.

5. In the modal window that appears, use the search bar to find the member you wish to link the user with.

6. Select the member name and click "ok."

7. The user and member are now linked together in the database. 

To unlink a user and member, hover next to the name of the user and click the 'de-link' icon that appears.

Have questions about linking account users with your ecosystem members? Get in touch:

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