Introduction: Data Captures

Introduction: Data Captures

Once you have all of your Banks and Templates added in your Ecosystem, you are ready to create your first Data Capture. These can be used to implement many different use cases.

For example, you can create a Data Capture every time you attend a meeting or engage in a project with a group community partners. You can also use it to collect data from your entire network of partners at multiple points in time, or to compare sub-networks within your community to identify overlap and gaps.

After creating a Data Capture, you can edit and prepare a survey using your questions and question groups, and then send it to the members you selected from your Ecosystem Member Bank. 

Next Steps for Creating a Data Capture

The next articles walk through creating your first Data Capture and collecting relational data.
  1. How to Create a Data Capture
  2. How to Prepare Your Survey
  3. How to Send Your Survey

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