How to Use Member Profiles

How to Use Member Profiles

Member Profiles are a summary of all your contact info and relational data for an individual member of your ecosystem. They are a versatile reporting tool with multiple ways to use them. However, the core idea behind Member Profiles is the desire to democratize PARTNER CPRM data by making your data and information accessible to your partners. Profiles have built-in sharing options to send them to partners by email, with a link, or by downloading a PDF.

Since Member Profiles update in real-time, you can share them after each survey or Data Capture to help your members understand how their data and relationships are changing over time. Profiles are also a powerful way for grantees to demonstrate their collaborative partnerships using data rather than anecdotal evidence.

Your Member Profile template is created at the Ecosystem level, and then accessed through the Analyzer or Member Bank.

Here are instructions for customizing your Member Profile template, as well as accessing sharing your Member Profiles.

Note: Member Profiles will only populate with information once the member has answered questions and shared responses.

How to Customize Your Member Profiles:

  1. Under "Reports," click "Member Profiles" within the Ecosystem Navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Use these blocks and elements to customize the appearance of your Member Profiles
  3. At the top, check "Include Intro Section" to add introductory text. This is recommended if sharing Profiles with your partners.
  4. In the Header Info Block, add what attributes and info should show up within the Profile Header.
  5. Add additional Blocks and select how many columns there should be in each.
  6. Fill each Block with either text, network maps, network scores, member attributes, or survey responses.
  7. The template saves in real-time so none of your edits will ever be lost. 

How to View Member Profiles

  1. After customizing your Member Profile Template, click "Members" on the left side of the screen to open your Member Bank.
  2. Click the name of any member to open up their Member Profile
  3. You can view the Profile in the screen that opens or
  4. To share your Profiles, download or print a copy by clicking "Download PDF"
  5. You can also add your partners as lite users to grant them access to their online Profiles, which update in real-time.
Note: Member Profiles auto-populate with new data in real-time. If you want to update a report with newly captured data, simply re-visit and re-download it.

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