Ecosystem Members FAQs

Ecosystem Members FAQs

Who should I add as a member in my Ecosystem?

The decision of who to include as a member in your ecosystem or network is a difficult one. We call this process bounding your network, as you are determining the boundaries of who you consider a member and who is not. The right answer depends largely on your objective and goals - what works for one community might not work for another. Consider what you want to learn, and who you would need to talk to in order to gain that insight and info. If you want someone included in your network maps later, they must be a member of your ecosystem before you start collecting data. For more info, read our best practices on Bounding your Network.

How do I add new members to a Data Capture?

To add a member to a new Data Capture, they must first exist within your Ecosystem. Return to your Ecosystem Member Bank, click "Add" and add the new members individually or using the bulk spreadsheet. Then go back to create a Data Capture - you should now see the newly created members in the member-selection menu.

How many members can I add in my ecosystem?

You can add an unlimited number of members to your ecosystem. We recommend limiting your membership though to those you think are essential for your objectives. Otherwise, your contact info and data is likely to grow outdated, and their lack of participation in surveys may reduce the effectiveness of your mapping, analysis, and interpretation of your results.

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