Edit a Survey

Edit a Survey

In this article, we will show how to manage and edit a survey within a data capture to prepare it for launch.

How to Edit a Survey

First, log in to your PARTNER CPRM account and open your ecosystem.

1. Within your ecosystem, click "Captures" in the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click a capture to open the overview page.

3. Within the Data Capture navigation menu on the top-right of the page, click "Questions" to open the survey questions.

4. This brings you to your question module with all the questions you added to your capture.

You have the following options for editing your survey before you launch it.

5. To Edit participant verification, consent language, or survey instructions: Click the small edit icon next to each section to make changes and click 'save' when finished.

6. To Re-order questions: Click the button that says "re-order questions" and click and drag the small icon with four dots next to a question, block, or page to re-order it, and click 'save' when finished.

7. Edit your submission message shown to respondents who complete their survey by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the edit icon.

8. To Edit respondent profile options: Scroll to the bottom and select if you want survey respondents to view a profile with their answers.

Add optional logic to show respondent profiles to certain members based on their attributes or question responses. For example, you may choose to only share profiles with core committee members or close stakeholders.
To edit or customize your respondent profiles before you share them, click "Member Profiles" in the ecosystem navigation menu.

8. To see what your survey will look like for respondents or to print it out and share a paper copy, click "Print View" at the top left of the page. You can then manually enter in the responses by taking the survey using those respondent's personal links.

Your survey changes save in real-time as you make them, so whenever you are finished you can return to your overview page to continue your next steps.

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