Member List Upload FAQs

Member List Upload FAQs

These are common questions asked during the member list upload process with helpful answers, information, and advice from our team. 

Member List FAQs:

If your question is not addressed, check the community forum or contact our team:

Q: Why am I getting an error message when I upload my member list?

There are five common reasons for error messages during the upload process. Work through each of them in our troubleshooting guide on the topic.

Q: Where do I get a template for my member spreadsheet?

You can download a customized template CSV file to use for your member list from your member library. Click "Add" at the top of the page, select "Multiple Members" and you will see the option to download a template. It will include any custom attributes to the right of the default member attributes. Remember: Leave all columns in the sheet in their original order or you may get an error message when you upload it.

Q: What are the formatting requirements for uploading my member list?

The spreadsheet should be a CSV file and include all default PARTNER CPRM attributes, with a header and column for each, using the exact name of each attribute as it appears in the platform, followed by your custom attributes in the order they appear in your attribute library. Because these formatting rules are so specific, we highly recommend using the pre-built template spreadsheet that includes all your custom attributes within your member library (see the above question on how to access it). 

Q: Can I include new custom attributes in my spreadsheet?

No, you cannot include any attributes in your member list unless you already created them in your member attribute library. If you add them as new columns, they will be ignored or will produce an error message and failed upload. Create all your custom attributes before you download a member list template and upload your completed member list.

NOTE: If you try uploading your member list before you create all your custom attributes, your upload will fail. Create your custom attributes in the attribute library, re-download a custom template in the member library that includes the new attributes, fill it in with your member names and data, and try uploading that member list instead.

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