Customer Support - An Overview

Customer Support - An Overview

All PARTNER CPRM users with an annual license receive ongoing customer support from our team. This includes assistance learning to use the platform, troubleshooting errors, and helping you find relevant resources in our Capacity Building Library.

How to Contact Support:

We are available Monday Through Thursday, 9am-5pm MT, and Friday 9am-1pm MT. You can contact us two ways:
  1. Email our team:
  2. Submit a ticket: click here.

Technical Assistance

All users receive TA time as part of their onboarding package with PARTNER CPRM. We can provide additional assistance with your implementation planning, data measures, mapping and analysis, or reporting through our Technical Assistance services, where you can meet with a member of our Data Science Team. TA time is available at a rate of $150/hour.
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