Begin Your CPRM Admin Journey

Begin Your CPRM Admin Journey

Begin Your CPRM Admin Journey

What is Your Role as an Admin?
As a PARTNER CPRM administrator for your ecosystem, your role is to deliver a trusted ecosystem tracking platform to your partners and team that can help them network strategically and successfully.

Here is a list of activities that you should perform to utilize the benefits of the CPRM platform for your community as much as possible:
  1. Help your team learn to use the CPRM and build community capacity for their needs
  2. Customize the CPRM platform according to your community needs
  3. Design workflows and processes to help capture data, map relationships, and share insights over time.
  4. Analyze network metrics and make the best use of the data
  5. Share your data and insights with partners, stakeholders, and the community as widely as is practically possible.
We will help you discover your roles and actions in implementing PARTNER CPRM for your organization or community in the below-mentioned sections:
  1. I. Implementation Planning
  2. II. Bounding the Network
  3. III. Developing Questions
  4. IV. Set Up Your Ecosystem
  5. V. Capture Relational Data
  6. VI. Mapping & Analysis
  7. VII. Share Profiles & Dashboards
Visit the User Guide for step-by-step instructions for everything within the PARTNER CPRM platform.
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