How to Add Members

How to Add Members

Bounding Your Network or Ecosystem

The members of your ecosystem include all your community partners, stakeholders, and other entities whose collaboration and relationship is relevant to your objectives and efforts. You can add an unlimited number of members to your ecosystem. Each Data Capture can include all or only some of your overall Member list. We provide a series of resources to help 'bound your network' when creating a list of members to upload in PARTNER CPRM. If you are too broad, your list will be cumbersome, difficult to manage, and grow out of date, while limiting your network insights. If your list is too narrow, you may miss critical perspectives or connections that limit your results.

Adding Members in PARTNER CPRM

Once you have a list of members ready, here is how to add them in PARTNER CPRM:
  1. Open Your Ecosystem and click “Members” in the Ecosystem Navigation Menu on the left.
  2. Click “Add” on the top, then “Add Member” in the dropdown menu that appears.
  3. Enter the mandatory fields for your members: First & Last Name, Their Primary Organization, and a Label for Network Maps.
    1. We recommend adding their email, address, sector, and focus area at minimum for further analysis.
    2. You can add more custom attributes later to track more details and information about your ecosystem members.
  4. When finished, click “Save” or “Save & Add New” to continue adding members.
  5. Alternatively, click “Upload Members From File” to add this info using a formatted spreadsheet.
    1. Click “Download CSV Template” and add in your member data.
    2. Ensure you have entered in data for all required fields and that it is properly formatted.
    3. Then return to the menu, click “Upload Member File” and verify it loaded correctly.

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